The 3 Best Podcasts for Dynasty Fantasy Football

If you follow me at all, y'all know podcasts are my performed avenue of consumption when it comes to everything fantasy football. Did you take me for a YouTube guy? I have more fingers on my right hand than the number of fantasy football youtube videos I've watched in my life. On my mama.

Podcasts are easy. They're passive. They don't require you to watch anything while you're listening so you can multi-task, something humans subconsciously gravitate towards, hence the exponential rise in popularity of the podcast platform over recent years.

Although dynasty fantasy football is relatively new to the mainstream, as per usual, the non-public can be looked at to be ahead of the curve. In English, there are a few really, really good dynasty-focused fantasy football pods out there in iTunes already. These are my top three that you should start listening to yesterday:

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