2019 Season-Long Kit

The 2019 BDGE Fantasy Football Season-Long Draft Kit

  • Top 250 Big Board Rankings (Updated Weekly)
  • Positional Rankings
  • Full Dynasty Rankings
  • Printable Draft-Day Cheat Sheet
  • Top Sleepers
  • Top Busts
  • Must-Draft Players by Round
  • Player Consistency Charts
  • Market Share Charts
  • Key Offseason Additions for 32 Teams
  • Top 15 Websites/Resources to Use for Fantasy Football
  • Exclusive Articles About the Fantasy Football Industry
  • The BDGE Bible
  • + Much MORE

9 thoughts on “2019 Season-Long Kit”

  1. Hugh.Coleman@reagan.com

    I really enjoy your videos, great analysis. I also like that you reply to comment on your videos, even the stupidest ones. I’m looking forward to your RB rankings on Monday, I hope you learned your lesson from last year (ie. I don’t draft hold out RB (Bell), they usually get hurt, I always look at the O-Line, (Johnson) especially if the QB and WR’s are questionable, and don’t draft injury prone players in the early rounds (Fournette) they always disappoint. Keep up the great work!

  2. NIck, I have followed you for 2 years now on YouTube. I have followed you and about 6 others FF “experts.” After 2 years now I have decided you are the only guy that is worth my time, money, and energy. I have decided to order you draft guide this year. I have participated in high end FF league through FFPC for years and I simply feel your hard work brings value. The fact I am buying you product when I consider myself a VET with regards to FF says how much I think you bring value to the table. I think we would have been great friends if we grew up together. I appreciate your humor, hard work, and passion for the game. Keep being you!

      1. lmfaoooo

        if you get a chance could you do a 10-team ppr mock from the 10 spot? There isn’t a single one on YouTube and I trust you the most for this fantasy ish

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