Both BDGE Kits

  • Save 14% by purchasing both together!
  • The 2019 BDGE Rookie/Dynasty Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • The 2019 BDGE Season-Long Fantasy Football Draft Kit

10 thoughts on “Both BDGE Kits”

  1. Ive been waiting to purchase.. Cant wait.. last year i used football guys and liked it alot.. but im a fan and love how in depth you go.. you are very personable in your vids.. i especially like the 1 on 1 because you are just completely engaged into your audience.. i really respect that, so ill give yours a try this year.. also had to grab the dynasty guide.. didnt have one last year.. keep up the good work man!


      Where does it say that? It’s showing you have access to both kits and have logged in to them twice

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