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18 thoughts on “2020 Season-Long Kit”

  1. Thomas Fadness

    Bro, I love this guide. More importantly, I love what you guys do all year round. Every morning it’s clock in, cup of coffee and BDGE. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep it up my man. Pz

  2. liamganion@icloud.com

    WE GOIN BYKE TO BYKE THIS YEAR THANK YOU NICKY MARGS FOR WINNING ME THE LEAGUE LAST YEAR WE HAD LAMAR, CHUBB. A JONES, JULIO, D PARKER, A ROB, AJ BROWN, ETC IT WAS NASTY. anyways this is by far the most comprehensive draft guide on the internet and the price is unbeatable. Been using your fantasy content exclusively since my junior year of high school and I go off to college in a few months. Thank you for all the help.

  3. I have tried different guides and watched and listened to many different types of fantasy videos and podcasts. Nick, you and BDGE are the best in the business! I feel bad because I want to promote you to my friends, but that means my competition has the best information that I have to compete against.

  4. Nick, help please. I signed up on monkey knife fight, didn’t use your /BDGE and tried using it after registering. Of course, it didn’t work. Then I contacted c.s. and they said it would be handled but the didn’t tell me to sign up for only daily contests and I signed up for season long contests. Now I’m screwed. I just signed up up to get your package. I know part of this is my fault but not all of it. Any help would be great. I’m in a redraft league so the season long package is whats needed. Help?

  5. freddyglovernz@gmail.com

    back for year 2 with big dog’s draft guide! backs up his stuff with stats in an easy to understand way – none of this circlejerk hype train bs. great content mate thanks all the way from New Zealand.

  6. Just signed up with monkey knife using your promo code. Been watching your YouTube videos for two years now. My only regret is not supporting you with the greenbacks sooner. Your perspective and the way you keep it personal with the listeners is refreshing and dwarfs those cookie cutter incentive driven websites. Lived in Murray Hill NYC for 11 years now back in Jersey.. Live it up brotha and keep spitting out that knowledge..

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