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19 thoughts on “2020 Dynasty/Rookie + Season Long Package”

  1. josephmontez79@gmail.com

    Let’s get this!!!!! I was in 3 league’s last year I used your draft Kit with 2 of them and won the ones that I used your information with. Keep on keeping on bro .. You guys made me a believer.

  2. bklaas032@gmail.com

    Prior to coming to BDGE I won b2b in my league and sadly came second this year but won my other league. The content is unreal and the players you highlighted to draft, were players I wouldn’t have considered drafting. We had some busts but more breakout picks than busts. Drafting Lamar 99th overall was huge, Aaron Jones, Nick Chubb, Julio, Golladay, and much much more. Looking forward to another great year and splurging in the cash come end of year!!

    We Byke baby!!

  3. Hey guys I love your YouTube channel trying to buy your draft guide but it’s giving me an error when I go to purchase. Hit me back on my email if you have any ideas how I can fix this. Appreciate y’all and what you do.

  4. mavs0582@yahoo.com

    Purchased the guide! Also supported BDGE through MKF before the guide promotion, love the content

  5. I’m having trouble accessing the season long portion of my purchase. I purchased through monkey fight knife. I logged in and changed my PW but having trouble

  6. Namikaze17@yahoo.com Namikaze17@yahoo.com

    Beat fantasy advice out there. Young kid with the hat knows his stuff. Other 2 loud dudes are trash. Loud and obnoxious doesn’t make you insightful.

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