Kaden Smith – Stanford University

Kaden Smith – Not to be confused with Jaden Smith, his closely related, but recently estranged, 3rd cousin, Kaden was actually long ago mentioned in an Eminem song. “This [Kaden] can twist like a damn contortionist”... look it up. The guy has a frankly unbelievable ability to reposition his body on contested catches. If you watch his highlight reel, nearly every reception includes a contested jump for the pass and a surprisingly agile adjustment to the ball. Seriously, go watch the tape. These are catches the NFL-esque. This ability to adjust to the ball on seam seem routes is the staple of Kaden’s game. This is further aided by his big frame (6’5, 255). In fact his 7 20+ yard receptions, at a 77.8% catch rate, was good for #1 in the class, per PFF. This is clearly his bread and butter, and this translates fairly well into the NFL... if he were faster.

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