Jalen Hurd – Baylor University

With their third round selection, the 9ers chose another receiver, Jalen Hurd. Prior to the draft, their outside weapons were extremely limited, but now, they're in quite a strange situation.

As we saw last season, Dante Pettis proved to be a solid receiver who could win in both the slot and on the outside, so it was surprising when San Fran selected a wideout with an identical skillset. Maybe Shanahan values versatility much more than others, leading to this selection, but I would have thought they'd take a bigger-framed WR to compliment what they already had. Well, in the next round they grabbed a big man by the name of Jalen Hurd, standing at 6'5 226, but he doesn't possess the skillset one would expect from someone this stature. In fact, he seems like another redundant asset for the 49ers just in a different frame.

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