Rookie Wide Receivers

In-depth fantasy outlooks for all of the top wide receiver prospects entering the 2019 NFL Draft. Outlooks include player analysis, college stats, combine metrics, best team fit, fantasy ceiling and floor analysis, player comparisons projected draft round, projected draft team, highlight videos and full-game film.

Diontae Johnson – University of Toledo

With a void left by Mr. Big Chest, the Steelers went out and selected Diontae Johnson in the early third round. In my opinion, this selection didn’t make much sense.

Just last year they spent similar draft capital (2.28) on James Washington, a receiver who passed the century mark three straight years in college while also totaling 33 tugs over that span. He wasn’t given much of a shot last season due to the dynamic duo of AB and JJSS hogging a good bit of targets, so I doubt they’ve given up on him yet. Not to mention, the guy is just half a year older than the recently acquired Diontae.

Jalen Hurd – Baylor University

With their third round selection, the 9ers chose another receiver, Jalen Hurd. Prior to the draft, their outside weapons were extremely limited, but now, they’re in quite a strange situation.

As we saw last season, Dante Pettis proved to be a solid receiver who could win in both the slot and on the outside, so it was surprising when San Fran selected a wideout with an identical skillset. Maybe Shanahan values versatility much more than others, leading to this selection, but I would have thought they’d take a bigger-framed WR to compliment what they already had. Well, in the next round they grabbed a big man by the name of Jalen Hurd, standing at 6’5 226, but he doesn’t possess the skillset one would expect from someone this stature. In fact, he seems like another redundant asset for the 49ers just in a different frame.

Terry McLaurin – Ohio State University

With their third round selection, the Redskins decided to pair up their new quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, with his college teammate Terry McLaurin. Though reuniting the former tandem would seem to play to McLaurin’s benefit, just how much success do we expect out of Terry?

Mecole Hardman – University of Georgia

With recent (bad) news surfacing about Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs decided to move up in the second round to select former Georgia wide receiver Mecole Hardman. Prior to this selection, nobody, and I mean nobody, thought he’d ever have any fantasy relevance. We didn’t even make a write-up on him simply because it would be a waste of peoples times. Well, look where we are now, the guy’s practically a top seven pick in rookie drafts and is seen as a top three rookie receiver. Is this love warranted, or it it just a reach in hopes he is a carbon copy of Tyreek Hill? Let’s take a look.

Jazz Ferguson – Northwestern State University

Jazmond Ja’Quan Ferguson is one of the most exciting studies of this 2019 NFL Draft class. Nicknamed “Jazz”–he makes music on the football field with his size, leaping ability, and insane catch radius.

His PlayerProfiler page below will make you shake your head–122.1 Size Adjusted Speed Score (98th percentile). His 40-yard dash time is 4.45 (79th percentile). A man that is 6’5, 227 pounds simply should not be able to run that fast. He’s built like god damn superhero. That’s why the guys at PlayerProfiler decided to make his profile picture Megatron. His physical profile reminds you Calvin Johnson.