Rookie Tight Ends

In-depth fantasy outlooks for all of the top tight end prospects entering the 2019 NFL Draft. Outlooks include player analysis, college stats, combine metrics, best team fit, fantasy ceiling and floor analysis, player comparisons projected draft round, projected draft team, highlight videos and full-game film.

Caleb Wilson – University of California

The licheral last pick of this year’s NFL Draft, Caleb Wilson joins an offense with enough hype to sell a blank disk. Using their first round pick on Kyler Murray, the new face of their franchise, they splurged on weapons for the Heisman winner: Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler and KeeSean Johnson are among the wide receivers they drafted before Wilson, along with adding Charles Clay, a 68th percentile SPARQ athlete who broke out at the age of 18

Zach Gentry – University of Michigan

Zach Gentry – Gentry is fairly easy to judge. He is an enormous tight end at 6’8 (for context… Gronk is 6’6), who runs deep middle routes very well (like basically every tight end), uses his frame to effectively shield the ball from defenders, and shows good positional awareness. He knows where the out of bounds line is and is conscious of the incoming defenders; you can see on his film that he collapses to appropriately avoid the defender coming to crack his back or the safety coming to take his head off before they arrive. This 5th sense of defender positioning allows him to quickly turn up field after the catch when open and gain a few additional yards.

Kaden Smith – Stanford University

Kaden Smith – Not to be confused with Jaden Smith, his closely related, but recently estranged, 3rd cousin, Kaden was actually long ago mentioned in an Eminem song. “This [Kaden] can twist like a damn contortionist”… look it up. The guy has a frankly unbelievable ability to reposition his body on contested catches. If you watch his highlight reel, nearly every reception includes a contested jump for the pass and a surprisingly agile adjustment to the ball. Seriously, go watch the tape. These are catches the NFL-esque. This ability to adjust to the ball on seam seem routes is the staple of Kaden’s game. This is further aided by his big frame (6’5, 255). In fact his 7 20+ yard receptions, at a 77.8% catch rate, was good for #1 in the class, per PFF. This is clearly his bread and butter, and this translates fairly well into the NFL… if he were faster.

Josh Oliver – San Jose State University

Josh Oliver – Despite consistent and persuasive whispers from the Dark Lord Cthulu, Josh is not related to John Oliver of LastWeekTonight fame, which is unfortunate because that would be awesome. Once you get over that, and its ok… we’ll give you a few minutes, you can delve into his analysis. Or rather, read our analysis of him: