Rookie Running Backs

In-depth fantasy outlooks for all of the top running back prospects entering the 2019 NFL Draft. Outlooks include player analysis, college stats, combine metrics, best team fit, fantasy ceiling and floor analysis, player comparisons projected draft round, projected draft team, highlight videos and full-game film.

Cam Akers – Rookie Profile

https://youtu.be/1mOPR4Fc81w Good Ol’ Fashion Film Analysis Boxscore scouts will overlook Akers because they don’t understand the god damn trials and tribulations this kid had to go through to get to where he is today. If you think I’m exagerating, you’re more wrong than Skip Bayless on a Monday morning. Coming out of highschool, my dude …

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Salvon Ahmed – Rookie Profile

Good Ol’ Fashion Film Analysis I’d imagine Salvon Ahmed is a big fan of Chance the Rapper. And signing along to his songs. Particularly his second mixtape Acid Rap. Even more particularly, the song Juice. In the chorus of the song you can find Chance melodically belting out the line: “I got the juice, I …

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Anthony McFarland – Rookie Profile

Good Ol’ Fashion Film Analysis If Anthony McFarland Jr. ate Anthony McFarland Jr. you’d get Booger McFarland. Despite us forcing into your brain throughout our BunkBed Breakdowns content, Booger is in fact, NOT, Anthony McFarland’s father to my great disappointment. However, lil Ant McFarland has plenty of football skills running through his own DNA, he …

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Eno Benjamin – Rookie Profile

Good Ol’ Fashion Film Analysis The first impression of mine towards Eno Benjamin were an elusive back that was miscast into a workhorse role. This was my assumption based off nothing but pure game film. There was no reason to be giving him carries up the middle on 1st and 10.As expected with a back …

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A.J. Dillon – Rookie Profile

Good Ol’ Fashion Film Analysis Our job here is to paint the picture for each player, so you can understand who they are from a bird’s eye-view, than get into the deeper stuff, and head from cloud level down into the dirt to grab the worms. In Dillon’s bio, he’s listed at 245lbs. Exorcist type …

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